Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Memorable Trio .....

okey so here it begins .. this is the first and last post of this blog :) ..
lets begin with the first of my 3 memorable friends ...
I was in 10th when this guy entered our school. I was in green house then and gave my name for the vice captain election. The result:- I lost the poll getting a meagre 6 votes :( ... still no problem I was not much famous that time as I am now :) . Out of the 6 faces 5 were familiar to me and the 6th one was a guy I had never seen before. So I thanked him and walked back to my class.
[2 months passed]
One day my chemistry teacher called tushar and me . She told us that we were chosen to participate in the National Creativity Olympiad. We were teamed up with 2 eleventhers : Ritam Sinha and Sudipto Mandal. I had no idea about these two guys. They met me during recess. Both had just joined our school and were very good at studies. And guess what .... Sudipto was the guy who voted for me that time :) . On asking him the reason for voting in my favour , his reply : I was looking the most decent among all the candidates . [guess what .... he knew the art of 'flattery' too :D ]. So we went to the Olympiad. It is worthless to mention that the questions went above my head, so I sat there looking at the two seniors who were intently solving the sums. What surprised me the most was the good approximation skill possessed by this fella'. Sudipto quickly gave approx. answers and we moved ahead. In the end we got a fairly good score, but what impressed me the most was this skill of approximation which i was yet to learn ...
After that day we used to meet regularly. I used to find him in the reference room most of the time solving sums from the MTG magazine. He had enrolled himself in Prerna and was doing quite well there too managing his school studies and coaching classes. Those who say that a person can do well in only one thing : Coaching or School should see this guy.
One year passed , I moved to 11th and he 12th. Now I was able to see the difference in the ICSE and ISC level .... wooph... We used to go to many of the competition together eTrix , Maths Fest , Unidad , ISCO .. etc. Never won any event together still leart a lot from this guy. It was my fortune that i got (my first international breakthrough) into the finals of International Science Creativity Olympiad along with Sudipto , Ritam and Anushriya. I would not tell you the result as it is none of your business :D . But what I learnt that day from this guy was how to remain calm in tense situations.
Soon days passed and he gave me lots of tips regarding JEE. We became close friends. Soon the end of second year came and it was time for him to leave the school. He did very well in ISC and got Metallurgy branch in IIT kgp. He was an ideal student and a very nice and humble person to be with. He was like a guru for me for those two years and is still a figure whom I admire the most . :)
As we move ahead in life we meet new friends ... something of this kind happened with me when I moved to the 11th std. where I met the second one of the trio who was ...
My first day in the plus two level - boring as usual. Only 2 new students were admitted in C.Sc. Ankit Raj was one of them. A tall & lean fellow who was almost silent throughout the day. Students who went to Small Steps told me that he is very gud in studiezzz ... I was happy that atlast I got some competition. After two days I had a chat with him for the first time. And he was completely different to what I had expected (proved the saying that Appearance may be Deceptive :P ). He was a (very)^infinity humble guy and very quiet too. He never messed with anyone and was very helpful. Soon we became very good friends. We were in Prerna Classes together in the A0 batch consistently throughout the 2 years. So our friendship grew....
One of the biggest qualities for which I admire him the most is - Teaching. He is a very good teacher who can make you understand concepts easily. I was zero in Trigonometry , he taught me in such a way that the only chapter I am 100% confident is Trigo. Not only me .. he used to teach anyone with easy.
We used to solve sums together sitting in the reference room. We cleared each others doubts in almost every chapter. he is very good at strategy gaming - AGE OF EMPIRES ... hmm .. i think he was the best gamer of our class .
In plus two level he was my partner for most of the inter-school competitions like eTrix , Clique .. etc and we won almost everywhere. We had a great rapport together and were unbeatable as a team. We won our First International event in Macfair'09 - MATHS QUIZ. I can never forget that 2 hours which turned our lives upside down. The greatest teamwork we presented was at Macfair. He was lefty and I was righty so a brilliant idea had struck him to fold the booklet in such a fashion that we can both solve sums simultaneously.
Tense situation, Ingenious solutions ;
Not possible if you are not Ankit Raj .
One of the best guys I have met in the plus two level. An ideal friend who gives you impetus instead of pulling you back. He cracked JEE this year and has joined IIT kgp. U can forget me .. but I can never ... ALL the best dude :)
Now I will introduce you to the last person of this Trio
... but not the least
... he is even greater !
I met him before I met the other two mentioned above. First met him when I was in 10th during Maths Quiz in Maths Fest. He is a very nice guy to be with ... doesn't trouble you .. passes no comments ... believes in working rather than saying ... cool headed .... oh I forgot :) .. he is intelligent too .
He is a friend whom you can always trust ... If you share any secret with him you can relax as it will be tightly nut-bolted in his mind. A great innovator who always inspires you to work along with him on a project. His idea for a science project is always prize winning and I am not joking.
He has only one strength/weakness - 'a special friend' (yaar, I can't tell u her name ! sorry :P). He is a really quiet fellow, but knows when to enjoy the moment. Room number 13 of Macfair is famous for an enjoyable masti session in which we played an important part ( I think our energy and merrymaking was tending towards infinity that day ) .
His greatest quality is to stay calm. He is very down to earth and humble. He is not a flirt still has infinite times more girlfriend than me [ 1/0 approx = infinite times .... his 1 /mine 0 :) ]. An ideal junior who inspires you to achieve is synonymous to Rabi . He is a complete DBMS product and a future IIT Qualifier. All The Best Rabi ... U will do well .
Winning is his habit and this habit of his gave me immense inspiration ...
A song dedicated to u Rabi :

Din Hai Naye, Par Hai Yaadein Puraani ,

Yaadon Mein Teri Bhi Hai Ek Kahaani ,
Jaane Kahaan Jaate Hai Din Rulaake ,
Mastaan Mastaan Rabi Rabi, Yaadein Ajaadi Rabi Rabi .

These three are the ones I respect the most if I go back to my school days :)


  1. toh i hav infinite no of girlfriends...????
    and i hav a weakness..... atleast if i hav one u know not of it..

  2. good article written
    U can easily become a journalist :P


  3. ossum man....this shows ur humility
    besides, u have gt d skills as rightly pointed out by "manipal" of a really gud journalist!!
    keep rocking dude!

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